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To view several updates from Rich Dolan, please check out his website at: randrdolan.blogspot.com

INDIA: (Thanks from Brother V)

Dear Brothers and Sisters Greetings.

I and my wife safely arrived home and are involved in the work and preachings and various activities.  We thank you all for your love and affection toward us and this is most precious fellowship and brotherhood to share our thoughts and work report. Please keep us in your prayers and hearts and write me back if there is any thing.

my wife Shakina especially sends you all her best wishes and love for your kindness and greatness. She really enjoyed with your fellowship.

Our congregations in Kovvur and Arikirevula honored us with garlands and cakes and sweets because of our safe trip and we all praising God on Sunday for His belssings.

Brother V

September Report from Rich Dolan


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CBI Update

September 4, 2013

Hi, friends:

We just started a new term here (August 12th) and that's brought lots of changes. We had 7 new students start studying. You can see them (and the two who started in April and May) at our blog - http://randrdolan.blogspot.com/

One has already dropped out and gone home, but we've added 2 more in his place. Please pray for them as they grow, begin to hear about God (for some) and try to acclimate to the rigors of study.

Please also remember in your prayers our recent graduates (4 in Dec 2012, 4 in late March 2013, 1 in June 2013) and upcoming grads (3 this month) as they start works or new phases in life. Phally, who graduates this month, wrote this to me, "Teacher, thank you for letting me come to CBI and teaching me about the true God."

Thanks for all you do to for the Kingdom here.


P.S. Borei, July 2012 grad, who has planted a church in his hometown, sent this message last week, "Yesterday we had 10 people in worship. We worship every week. Teacher, my Dad has hated me and my mother (we're Christians). Please pray for us. Thanks and God be with you."



Hey, Friends:

Dennis, Veasna and I just finished 2 nights of one on one meetings with our students. We've added 7 new students this fall. Have 4 set to graduate soon. With that in mind, here are some of our prayer requests: Prayer Requests/Concerns:

1. All the graduates and their various works; including the 4 set to graduate this fall.
2. The 7 new students, several who are not Christians as they start to study.
3. That God's will be accomplished during the new school year.
4. Our two youngest children, Reuben and Rebekah, who married this summer.
5. License for 15 passenger vans. Still no word on our appeal.

Thanks, Rich

Foreign Mission Updates


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For more information on Cambodia, please visit Rich and Ronda's blog at http://randrdolan.blogspot.com/

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