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Ladies Retreat

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        “And We Run” Hebrews 12:1-2

April 5th at Forest Ridge Golf Club

 Speaker:  Erynn Sprouse

Cost $25.00 

Sign-up sheets can be found at the table in the foyer




Secret Sister - New Info


On September 13th at 6:30 in the parlor we are going to kickoff the new year with food/drawing for Secret Sisters.  One change we have made is that there will be 1 drawing in September and you will keep the same Secret Sister until May, then in May we will have a Reveal Party. If you plan on participating please fill out an information sheet and put in the gold box.   If you plan on attending the drawing, and your last name begins with the letter   A-N  please bring sandwiches, O-Z a dessert.  Chips and drinks will be provided.  If you have any questions please call Shelley Gillion 740 1587 or email gillion@hughes.net

Secret Sisters

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If you would like to be a Secret Sister, please fill out an information sheet on the WINGS table and put in the gold box.  The WinGS table and gold box are both in the foyer, west side.  To find out who your Secret sister is please look in the box on the Wings table.  Look under the last initial of your name to find your SS info sheet.  If anyone has any questions, suggestions, or comments please contact Shelley Gillion 918-740-1587 or  email   gillion@hughes.net, or troyg@camglass.com

Secret Sisters Revealing




September Happenings

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Scheduled events for September


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