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The Bible classes for tonight have been canceled due to the condition of the parking lots.

You are encouraged to spend time tonight in Bible study and prayer with your family.

Guest Speaker Sunday


Tim Pyles will be speaking Sunday morning and evening this week....


OCWA Scholarship Application Available


 Attention High School Seniors


The Public Reading of Scripture

“Until I arrive, devote attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhorting, to teaching” – 1 Timothy 4: 13.

The reading of Scripture is central to the Church’s worship and spirituality. Through the Scriptures we encounter God’s mighty acts and are called to respond to his saving invitation.

Paul gave Timothy the instruction to be devoted to the public reading of Scripture, to exhorting, to teaching.  And as we begin to include the reading of Scripture in a more prominent place in our worship services, we can know that we are being devoted to following want God would like to see in our lives.  

With this in mind, we are asking for the help of our men in this endeavor.  Beginning today, in the foyer, there is a sign-up sheet for any men interested in being one of our Public Scripture Readers.  Just as our men are on a "to serve" list for offering prayers, we are beginning a "to serve" list for those who would like to read Scripture in our morning worship services.  

Our men who sign up will be used on a rotating basis.  They will be able to see the rotation in our weekly "To Serve" list.  They will be contacted by the office with the Bible verses they are being asked to read.  The Scripture reading will usually be taken from and in connection with the theme for the morning's sermon.

So, men, please, sign-up in the foyer to be included in the Scripture Reading to serve list.  Your faithful and devoted help is being requested.


GoldenAgers Outing February 6th

Plan to attend the Skiatook Opry Show


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