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Bear Valley Bible Institute


Belanger's - Shane, Paula, Kelsey, Kaitlyn and Jessica

The Belanger family are from Salisbury, NH.  They are attending the Bear Valley Bible Institute in Denver, Co. and will graduate in June 2011, at which time they are planning to return to Salisbury.


Clothing Room Opening December 5

Clothing Room

The Clothing Room will be open for the community on Saturday, December 5, 2009.


Cambodia New School Year


Hi, Friends:

I wanted to catch you up on our new school year and other things happening here.

First, we returned 10 students and added 7 new students.

As for the classes:
1. Tawn taught Historical Christian Evidences from the books that were translated into Khmer.  It has been much easier for the students to have a study guide in their own language.
2. Dennis taught “The Teachings of Jesus” from Matthew. (The students had to memorize the entire Sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-7.) 
3. Greg Fleming (from Midland, Tx) taught Philippians for two weeks and 1st, 2nd & 3rd John for two weeks.
4. In the mornings, Dale Lundy taught “The Life of Christ” from Mark. 

To read the full report from Rich, please below.


Floods in Andhra Pradesh, India


Three districts of Andhra Pradesh, including some part of Vijayawada and full district of Kurnool and Kadapa, were totally damaged.  Two hundred thousand lacks of houses were lost and more than 300 people have died so far and several people have been suffering lack of food and drinking water right now/  This is terrible and national victim after sixty years.

By the grace of God, I and Children's Home are safe and no problems.  West Godavari is safe and no problem where I am living, but I have been receiving several phone calls from affected areas to help them and visit them, if any one gives me this opportunity by your helping hands certainly I will go on behalf you and let you know more things.

They need our prayers and help right now. Please keep this in your mind and heart. May God bless us in His way as we walk.

A. Visweswara Rao


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