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Cambodia Update



Hi Friends,

Hope you are all well.  Just wanted to let you know that the first person was baptized from the Sang Sok congregation (at Sophy and Vannak's). This is a lady whom both those men had talked with several times. She believed in God already. Last Friday, Veasna and I studied with her during our Evangelism Week. She requested to be baptized into Christ. They don't have a baptistry and didn't have a pond or anything close by.

Another woman wanted to be baptized into Christ also. Vannak had already talked with her about doing it Sunday. So, the first lady decided to wait until today also. (I was ready to take them right then. But, the lady was afraid to travel in a van. How about that?)

Just thought you'd want to rejoice with us.


Mission Updates



  • August Leper Visit
  • Pictures of a visit by students from the Oklahoma State University Bible Chair.  They were on a three week mission trip to India this summer to help at another children’s home which is 80 kilometers from Brothers V’s village. When he found out they were coming to India he invited them all of them to come to his home where he fed them and took them on a tour of the children’s home. They had an opportunity to meet some of our kids and spend some time there. Brother V was thrilled to have them visit and I am sure the kids enjoyed it also.

Pictures and more info

CBI 2010-2011 Overview

More Info

Conifer, Colorado Support Report for July 2011



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