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India Sewing School


June 8, 2011

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings everybody who loves the work in India and praying for this great work and need.

Sub:- Second Sewing School started.

Beginning Monday, 11th, June, the second sewing school will start and there are already 15 names registered - all are poor and rejected woman. They are interested and want to learn sewing and stitching clothes for their livlihood. The first group already learned and received their graduation.

This is very wonderful and useful to the community, the Church and its activities through this great work. So I please request of you to consider this need to help with school teacher salary and sewing materiel for four months with all facilities cost is approximately $1350.

I beg you all to give your hands again for this and I will send you pictures and information as I sent you previously.   Pray for this and let me hear from you.

Brother in Christ,

Visweswara Rao

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