Green Country Bible Challenge
February 3, 2018

Our Mission is to prepare young Christians to be students of the Word of God, to promote the joy of seeking God through the scriptures, and to encourage fellow Christians through our service. We hope to re-instill the excitement of being people that love God's Word.

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The Green Country Bible Challenge, hosted by the Broken Arrow Church of Christ, will serve to provide support for local churches and those in neighboring states to fellowship together through preparing our youth for the Bible Bowl Competition at Leadership Training for Christ (LTC). Currently, the Chisolm Trail Church of Christ in Duncan, OK provides the only pre-convention competition in Oklahoma. Our intent is not to supersede or replace this great event, but rather to augment it in an attempt to better serve congregations in our area.

Study Text

Our study last year was the book of Acts. To ensure that everyone is studying and testing on the same translation, we will announce the text in the fall and make it available to download and print here.

Stay Tuned for Details, or for questions contact us at gcbc@bacoc.org
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