What we're about

The grounds ministry maintains and upgrades our exterior facility. In so doing we wish to convey a message of warm welcome to our members, to visitors, to our community and our neighborhood. 

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God" - Romans 15:7

Why we serve

I enjoy working with members and community volunteers in keeping our physical presence looking fresh and alive. The way our gathering place is presented is often a person's first impression of who we are. 

Our volunteers

We currently have one individual serving "full time". Volunteers and hired professionals are used on a seasonal and as-needed basis. We love volunteers but please do not plant, prune or spray without contacting us. Thank You!

Typical work done in this ministry:

  • Plant seasonal annuals
  • Prune/shape shrubs WITH direction
  • Weed control in planting areas (spray or remove)
  • Plant shrubs and trees as needed
  • Spread mulch
  • Install/repair/paint HVAC fencing
  • Snow removal
  • Pick up debris 
  • (Lawn mowing and edging is contracted out)


Bill Detherage


Please call or text