What we're about

The Information Center's purpose is to have a group of very cordial and friendly individuals, working usually in "twos" providing information and a special greeting to both our special guests and to all our members. It is best if one of the two member team stood in front of the Information Center to seek out, greet guests and bring them over to the booth to give them the information that they need. The Information Center team works as an extension and cooperatively with the Welcome Hosts, but will be able to provide more comprehensive information to guests and members alike.

Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the churches of Christ send greetings." - Romans 16:16

Why we serve

Meeting new people that come to worship with us. 

Our volunteers

40 serve on a rotation basis, but more are always needed. 

Typical work done in this ministry:

Volunteers are needed for 50 minutes every one or two months to welcome, meet, inform by giving out information about classes, where to sign up for various things, restroom locations, as well as provide information on sermon CD or DVD copies,  written material, hearing devises and much more.


Bob Arledge


Please call or text
Home: 918-258-2992
Mobile: 918-906-7180