January 13, 2014

Dear Brothers and sisters in Christ.

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ,

Sub:- Thanks giving and night street meeting

We have conducted first thanks giving and night street meeting in Kovvur main street at Rajashekar’s house and many heathen and denominational people were attended to this meeting. Prudhvi, my son, was the song leader and others participated in bible reading and other part of service. I preached more than one hour and we had successful meeting. I enclosed some pictures so you can view them and share with your friends and neighbors who know to you.


Thanks for your prayers and sharing your blessings in the work of God in India.

With much prayers and love

Brother V

January 6, 2014

Dear Brothers and Sister, Greetings to you all in the Almighty name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Sub:- Kovvur Church love feast on 1st Jan 2014.

We, much glad to announce at Kovvur Church have love feast on 1st Jan after watch night 31st. One of our church member name RAJASHEKAR AND HIS WIFE KUMARI sacrificially did this feast they sacrificed one big Goat, chicken curry, curd, sambar, Vizatables curry, colored and white rice and some sweets they prepared for all people in the church and invited some others from community.

Keep us in your prayers and ministry, already I sent you Arikirevula Church activities and Children home cultural activities. Thanks for your prayers and helping hands.

With much love, and prayers.

Brother V

January 3, 2014

Dear friends brothers and sisters,

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

Sub:- Clothes distributed to 146 poor and sick widows.

On 1st Jan 2014, Arikirevula Church distributed to 146 all caste widows in village all are poor and sick widows who have no hope and security to live and have no proper bread to eat on daily basis.

The church fed them on that day with good food and chicken curry and 4 other different curries. This is really great and christian benevolence in our village.


We invited local member of the parlament MP and some other political leaders were attended and we honored them with garlands and flowers including some government officers.

Please keep them in your prayers and give your hands whenever you have blessed by God stretch out your helping hands in the name of Almighty.

Enclosed pictures please open and see them and pass to all who knows to you.

Brother V

January 1, 2014

I, and family wishing you all with our whole hearted “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014.” May God give you good health, wealth and prosperous blessing through out the year which is coming.

Here are the promises from our God.

1.  Thou Crownest the year with thy goodness Psalms 65:11
2.  The eyes of the lord thy God are always upon it from the beginning of the year even unto the END of the year. (Deuteronomy 11:12)

Keep us in your prayers as we are doing for you daily.

Yours sincerely,

A. Visweswara Rao
Nalini Shakina Rani.
Prudhvi Raj


December 25, 2013

Dear friends, brothers, sisters, and all well wishers, greetings to you all in the all mighty name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Sub:- Visited Leper Colony 25th Dec, 2013.

Today is 25th Dec 13, I and my wife and son Prudhvi Visited Leper colony with new blankets and wonderful Christmas cake. By the generous of you and much prayers and helping hands we are able to distributed woolen blankets to all 30 families. After that colony president, secretary, and preacher together and cut the cake and distributed to all, they have celebrated with very big food what we provided them colored and white rice with chicken curry. We gave them plenty of food today and every one enjoyed a lot and says their thanks and best wishes to all who participated and contributed to this great work.

In closing I have preached little bit about salvation and about Jesus Birth. So everyone feels today is good day for them.

I and my family don’t have any celebration, or good food, or new clothes, but just we spent with leper people who are rejected and bonded from Society. I and my wife feel this is good opportunity to serve like these cripples people by the great people who are living in very far country.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are doing for you daily, think and take a decision to participate and give your hands in future work. God bless you all.

Feel free to ask me any doubts or questions.

I beg to remain with much love and prayers,


Brother V


September 20, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and Savior.

Sub:- Preachers' workshop Sept,

We conducted preachers' meeting in the name of little town CHAGALLU near by Kovvur. Local congregation fed us well after workshop, after 5 Oclock evening we dispatched.

We discussed the sub from the Book of 11 Cornthians 3:14. everybody happy and learned some more things from the Bible.

Please continue to pray for us

Brother V


September 7, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

Greetings to you all in His name.

Today is Saturday 07-9-13, we did foundation stone was laid for the Church building in VANGALAPUDI VILLAGE. The local preacher name is K. Moses. Some preachers followed with me and we all prayed and did foundation stone. Hope this building finish soon and let you know. Please keep this work in your prayers.


With love and prayers.

Brother V

August 29, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters Greetings.

Sub:- Leper colony visit month Aug.

Today I visited Leper colony and fed them with chicken curry. They are all happy and giving their best wishes to those who are praying and giving helping hands.

Today they asked me for medicine cotton, bandages, ointments, and some syrups to clean their wounds. The cost may be $200-250 so please keep them in your prayers.

I enclosed some pictures to see.


With love and prayers,

Brother V


August 28, 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters and all donors who contributed generously for sewing machines to poor young woman’s, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord savior