What we're about

The Westview Boys Home Pig Project is a ministry of the Tuesday Morning Ladies Bible Class but involves raising funds from the entire congregation.  Westview is a ministry of the churches of Christ to help troubled boys.  The Pig Project funds purchase piglets, their food and supplies and any costs related to showing the pigs at fairs. etc.  Several boys (usually 8 or so) are chosen to participate with their own pig.  Older boys who have experience with the pigs serve as mentors to the younger first time boys.  The boys learn work ethic, accepting responsibility and learning valuable life lessons.  Our congregation usually raises enough money to fund six or seven pigs at approximately $500 each.  We have done this for 22 years.

Proverbs 22:6 - Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

Why we serve

I enjoy seeing pictures from the boys with their pigs and the sincere appreciation they seem to have for our help.  The personnel at Westview have been very thankful for our participation and have sent a representative to speak to us about the Pig Project.  I began helping with this ministry when asked by Nancy Johnson to help her.  When she became unable to continue as the coordinator due to health, I took over. I feel it is a worthwhile effort because of the results shared with us by Westview on how the boys' lives have been changed for the better.

Our volunteers

There are three of us collecting the funds for the project and about three more that help with decorations for the annual Piggy Shower Luncheon.  Advertising is usually handled with the church secretaries and whoever is responsible for the Ladies Class Love Notes.

Typical work done in this ministry:

Announcements are made regarding collecting funds and three of us are listed for donors to give funds.  Decorations for the luncheon are usually based on fall and we have a collection of pigs on hand to use.


We usually run the fundraising for about a month (September).  There is no real time involved in collecting the funds other than turning them in to office personnel.  The decorating for the luncheon is on the day before and usually takes about two hours.  There is a letter to write sending the funds to Westview when fundraising is completed, usually two weeks after the luncheon.


Lawana Duwe


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