Kevin Knight


March can’t come quick enough, followed by May; March is when I will join the family at Broken Arrow and May is when my family will join us there!  I am thankful, honored, humbled and greatly excited to be offered the opportunity to join this congregation as the Youth and Family Minister.  Thankful because I believe it is answered prayers.  Honored that those involved in the process believe God can work through me with your congregation.  Humbled that God blesses me and does more through me than I could ever imagine!  Excited to get to know the church family better.

I grew up mainly in the ”Mid-West,” living near St Louis, then Kansas City, and then attending York College in Nebraska.  I spent 5 years in the USAF, mostly in Alaska.  I finished my BA through Southern Christian University.  I have worked for 5 churches in the past 19 years in Youth and Family ministry as well as Pulpit ministry.  Between the military and ministry, 18 of the last 24 years were spent in Alaska.  The last 5 years being spent in Delta Junction (95 miles south of Fairbanks) as a missionary to a small church plant.

Along the way (in ’94) I married Kris Potter, a cute friend I had met at church camp many years prior.  It probably could go without stating that church camps are very special to us! In the past 12 years we have spent approximately 20 weeks as a family at church camps in Alaska and Nebraska!  We have 2 sons Kael (17) and Kodiak (14) that have been huge blessings in our lives.  Kael will be returning to AK this summer to attend UAF this fall studying in the paramedic program.  Kodi will be starting 9th grade and is looking forward to joining the youth group at Broken Arrow!     

Transitions can be difficult.  They can also be adventurous!  I look forward to new friendships awaiting us in Broken Arrow, to fellowship, to encouragement, and to showing one another the love of Christ!  I have been and will continue praying for each of the current teens at the Broken Arrow congregation by name and ask you pray for me and my family as well as we make this great transition.  We will see you soon!