Rich Kilmer


Who would have thought when my family and I came to worship at Broken Arrow ten years ago that I would become a member of the ministry staff?  At the urging of David Maynard, I joined the Broken Arrow staff in November of 2007 and have the distinction of being not the only the oldest, but also the youngest, minister on staff.  I am the oldest in chronological age and the youngest in the amount of time that I’ve been a “minister”.

As the Executive Minster, I wear a number of different hats; from building responsibilities to missions to finance and anything else the Shepherds need me to handle.  I think my favorite undertaking has been the privilege of going to Ukraine on numerous mission trips and to be able to encourage the saints there.

I became a Christian in 1979 thanks to a wonderful lady that I married in 1980, the former Becky Dyer.  After almost 35 years of marriage, I can say that I’ve been truly blessed; a beautiful and supportive partner, two delightful and faithful daughters Abbey and Emily and two of the most perfect grandchildren that anyone could hope for, Jude and Sadie.

I have been blessed beyond expectations with my families – both physical and spiritual.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and the Lord’s church in Broken Arrow!