Kids Kare Preschool



Kids Kare Preschool



A Growing Experience
(2 - 5 years)

Now enrolling for the 2019-2020 school year. Ages 3 and below are already full.

For questions email us or call 918-317-7150

Our Goals:

  • Adjust from home to school

  • Develop social attitudes

  • Present the joy of learning

  • Provide setting for expression of curiosity

  • Respect and care of property

  • Awareness of himself and environment

  • Instill Christian attitudes

  • Language, motor skill, visual and auditory development

  • Readiness for reading and math

  • Respect for God and his creation

Teacher/Student Ratio:

1:8  2-year olds
1:10  3-year olds
1:12  4-year olds

Registration:  $50/yr ($25 for summer)
2 Days/wk:  $170/mo
3 Days/wk:  $220/mo

*15% discount given to the second child in the same family

For questions email us or call 918-317-7150


Kids Kare Preschool Method

Our Method

Kids Kare Preschool Method

Our Method


The Pre-K program is developed through the use of learning themes.  Activities in language, math, fine and creative arts, social/emotional development, motor skills and science are correlated with each theme.  Educational field trips and special visitors also add to the learning environment.  A Bible story is also a part of our curriculum.


Computer lab, Bible Time, fine and creative arts are added to the curriculum for enrichment.  We also present three programs to our parents and guests throughout the year.

For questions email us or call 918-317-7150


Kids Kare Pre-K Learning Themes

Learning Themes

Kids Kare Pre-K Learning Themes

Learning Themes


  • Familiarize children with Bible stories
  • Learn stories with morals
  • Sing Bible songs
  • Memorize verses
  • Study about emotions
  • Develop self-concept
  • Puppet shows


  • Animals in classroom
  • Observe and study the growth of plants and animals
  • Learn about weather and how to dress properly
  • Visits by animals
  • Study farms and make butter
  • Study honeybees and eat honey
  • Study units on transportation, health and cleanliness, seasons, etc.

Music and Play

  • Develop fine and gross motor skills
  • Tumbling activities
  • Balance beam activities
  • Role-playing
  • Exercise to music
  • Rhythm activities
  • Play with small musical instruments

Language Arts and Story Time

  • Vocabulary and communication skills
  • Handwriting readiness activities
  • Rhyming word activities
  • Calendar activities (learn days of week, months of year, and holidays)
  • Learn to write name
  • Recognize letters of the alphabet by sight
  • Recognize patterns


  • Learn basic concepts about color
  • Learn how to organize and categorize material
  • Learn proper use of scissors
  • Finger paint and brush paint
  • Make puppets
  • Make collages
  • Make play dough


  • Learn to count
  • Develop and improve number concepts
  • Learn basic shapes
  • Learn proportion concepts (length and width, larger, smaller, etc.)

For questions email us or call 918-317-7150